• Commercial grade natural fibre Bakers Oven Mitts

Commercial grade natural fibre Bakers Oven Mitts

Commercial grade natural fibre Bakers Oven Mitts


Commercial grade Bakers Oven Gloves or Mitts, which can handle hot objects up to 250C straight out of the oven.

Really good long forearm protection (right up to elbow) to protect forearms when inserting or removing baking in/out of hot ovens.

The Mitt style makes them easier to put on and take off and one size fits all. Preshrunk and washable. I use them, honestly they are really great especially the long forearm protection where you are often grazing your bare under arms on a hot rack or side of oven wall or door.

One size fits all design
Allows maximum flexibility while still protecting from heat
Suitable for high temperatures up to 250C
Mitts are ambidextrous pair

Length: Gloves 600mm (long sleeve) or 400mm (short sleeve), Mitts (long sleeve) 450mm

So fantastic protection for forearms up to elbow
Heavyweight natural fibre material is preshrunk, machine washable. Can be washed repeatedly with minimal shrinkage (use cold wool wash cycle).

User caution notes: 
Do not insert wet or damp hands into the glove/mitt 

Do not handle hot objects if the glove/mitt is damp or wet. All insulation protection is lost - heat transfer through the damp/wet glove/mitt is immediate and you will burn your skin

Recent NZ Customer feedback ....

Thanks Neville, quick delivery and a great product. The gloves go all the way to my elbows and are malleable, making it easy to grab hold of hot handles and loaves of bread. Highly recommended trader.

Very good oven gloves. I like how it reached to my elbows, helps protect against the sudden gust of heat when you open the oven door! Made of heavy good quality material. A+ thank you for fast delivery too!

The perfect trader. These gloves are the best around.

Superstar traded. Thansk Neville these are the best mitts ever!

These oven gloves are the BEST A+++++++++++ thanks Nev :)

 Please note these are a NZ Distributor product (not Brod & Taylor) and are only available only in New Zealand.