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Use precise temperatures to store and control your starter like never before. You'll never get such precise temperature controls from your fridge like the Sourdough Home does. The Sourdough Home is designed to heat or cool to keep your starter at the perfect temperature. Feed your starter on your schedule: from twice a day to once a week. Change temperature to adjust the flavor profile, aroma, and texture of your bread.



Degree-by-degree setpoints from 5-50°C 
Fits a single 1 litre jar or 2 small jars
Two shelves for flexible storage of small items
Outside Dimensions: 28x23x25 cm
Inside Dimensions: 19x13x14 cm
Power: 100-240V (NZ electrical compliant with NZ cord)


Please Note: 

Do not operate the Sourdough Home in an enclosed space with limited air circulation (for instance, a cupboard). It needs to be placed on a bench with lots of open room air circulation. 

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Dough Whisk

Dough Whisk


Dough Whisk

Dishwasher safe, ultra-sturdy construction that is built to last. Extra-thick stainless steel powers through the stiffest doughs, batters, and more.

The right mixing tool is essential when making bread or working with any ingredients that need to be combined quickly and effectively. Most dough whisks are made with an unstable handle attachment to the whisk wire, and these just don’t hold up over time.

Our whisk is a one-piece multi-purpose kitchen tool especially good at combining wet/dry ingredients with little effort or mess. Featuring an innovative non-slip moulded silicone handle, the total length is 34cm.

Dough Whisk

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Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer

Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer


Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer

0.1-gram accuracy for high precision up to 3kg; extra-bright contrast LCD screen with timer functionality for coffee and pour-over.

Ultra-responsive; no delay when pouring and weighing ingredients. Units in grams (g), ounces (oz), and milliliters (ml).

Non-slip removable dishwasher-safe silicone pad.

There are two foam strips under the platform to ensure the product arrives safely. Make sure to remove these before use or the scale will not function properly!

Batteries Included.

Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer

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Your starter. Your schedule. Sourdough Home
Your starter. Your schedule. Sourdough Home


When it comes to sourdough starter, temperature is everything. The complex mix of microbes that cause bread to rise - and give your bread that distinctive taste and aroma - are extremely sensitive to temperature.

A loaf of olive sourdough bread
Sourdough Home, temperature control panel


Sourdough Home provides an easy way to control the temperature of your starter. With degree-by-degree temperature control from 5 - 50°C (41 - 122°F) you can maintain a consistent temperature or vary the temperature to control the growth rate, aroma, and taste of your bread.

Sourdough Starter Maintenance

Heat Icon

Heats when it's too cool.

Snow flake Icon

Cools when it's too hot.

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Low power usage

Sourdough starter is a living colony of yeast and good bacteria. Like any living thing it needs to eat - just flour and water. Feeding your starter the proper ingredients at the right time is the first step in creating great sourdough bread. Using the precise temperature control of the Sourdough Home, you can adjust starter feeding times to meet your schedule.

As starter ferments and grows, it creates CO2 bubbles that cause the mixture to rise in its container. The ideal time to feed starter is when the rise has peaked - all of its food has been consumed - and before it begins to fall again. By using a constant seed ratio (quantity of flour and water) and controlling the temperature, you can control the feeding schedule to hours, days or even a week. Use the guidelines below to get started.

TemperatureTime to FeedSeed Ratio
7°C / 45°F5 Days / 120 Hours1:4:4
10°C / 50°F3 days / 72 hours1:4:4
12°C / 54°F2 days / 48 hours1:4:4
20°C / 68°F1 day / 24 hours1:4:4

Seed Ratio: This is the ratio of active culture to fresh flour and water. The more active culture used, the faster your starter will grow and peak. For daily maintenance a 1:4:4 ratio will keep your starter thriving without growing too fast.

Note: Your starter may vary slightly from these results depending on the flour used and the specifics of your culture.

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