Natural fibre Banneton 1000g Bowl "Bread Proving Bowls"

  • Natural fibre Banneton 1000g Bowl "Bread Proving Bowls"

Natural fibre Banneton 1000g Bowl "Bread Proving Bowls"


High quality German made Bannetons, made from natural conifer wood fibre. Ideal for making organic bread as only natural materials are used to make these bowls (wood fibre, water, pressure). 

You use bannetons to prove & shape loaves of bread (yeasted or sourdough). The Banneton supports & holds the shape of the loaf as it rises. An imprinted pattern on the inside of the bowl puts a pattern on the outside of the loaf. 

Please note you do NOT bake the bread in the banneton. The loaf is knocked out of the banneton once it has fully proved and is ready to bake in the oven either freestanding or by using the Dutch Oven (DO) method (which will give you the best bake).

Features of natural fibre Bannetons ...

The dough does not stick to the bowl surface as it can/and does with cane bannetons

The bowls have thick walls with superb insulation properties - bread will prove (rise) faster

Better moisture absorption by the bowl (giving it back to the dough as needed) improves dough proving

Easy to clean, use a small hard brush to brush out surplus flour once the banneton has dried. Easy to fully sanitise once a month by placing in a low heat oven for 30 minutes

For ecological reasons this material should be favoured over cane

These bannetons will last decades with proper care and maintenance. Full instructions provided. A complementary sachet of organic diastatic malt powder and organic brown rice flour to season your banneton, will be provided.

This bowl will hold a wet dough loaf of up to 1050g. You should fill the banneton with at least 1000g of wet dough. You will be able to fit 1 x 1kg Banneton in the Brod & Taylor Folding Prover - 2 of them when you have the accessory shelf. 

Please note this is a New Zealand Distributors product (not Brod & Taylor) and only available in New Zealand.