• Bench Scraper/Dough Divider

Bench Scraper/Dough Divider

Bench Scraper/Dough Divider


An invaluable multi-purpose bakers hand tool and for general culinary use on the bench top.

As a Bench Scraper :

Use to gather/scrape together flour and bits of dough or trimmed food off your bench top.

As a Dough Divider and Shaper :

Use as a cutter (it won't cut your hand) to divide your bulk dough into loaf portions for weighing/shaping. Assists to increase surface tension of a dough shape by pushing the blade against the dough shape.

I have 2 types available ...

Wood Fibre Scraper - made from non-porous wood fibre. Strong 5mm thick blade. Safe for non-stick pans. I find this one is a great aid when developing bulk dough, it assists in the initial mixing of the ingredients. Heat resistant to 176C. 145mm long and weighs aprox 93g. Dishwasher safe. 

Stainless Steel Scraper - made from Stainless Steel. Thin 0.6mm blade makes dividing dough very easy. Nice tactile feel in the hand. Handy measurements engraved on blade. 145mm long and weighs aprox 149g. Dishwasher safe. 

Please note this is NZ distributor product (not a Brod & Taylor product) and is available to ship within NZ only. 

Easy to freight combine one of these with another item that is larger.