Baking Steel for ultimate Pizza - NZ made

  • Baking Steel for ultimate Pizza - NZ made

Baking Steel for ultimate Pizza - NZ made


6mm thick mild steel Pizza/Bread Baking Steel in 2 sizes (same cost).

These slabs are made in New Zealand. 

Bake your pizzas on these steel baking slabs for a fantastic result. 6mm has been proven to be the best thickness for use. Slabs are laser cut and edges beveled smooth. Surface pre-coated with Rice Bran Oil.

Metal conducts heat better than stone & it stores more heat per unit volume than stone. These are both key elements to creating a pizza that bakes up fast, crisp, light with good open crumb structure & dark charred edges.

Baking Steels are also far more durable and robust than pizza stones which are actually quite fragile and easy to crack.

After use, wash with warm soapy water to remove food debris & burnt oils. Dry, then give a light rub on all surfaces (inc edges) with rice bran oil. You can buy rice bran oil in aerosol cans (Pam's) which makes it easy to give the steel a quick spray over. This protects the slab from corrosion.

The oil left on forms a dark protective coating on the plate when at heat. Your baking steel doesn't stay shiny once you start baking with it. 

Choose the size slab you want from the order selection box to suit your oven tray size. They are both the same cost.

300mm wide x 370mm length. Weight 5kg+

300mm x 450mm length. Weight 6kg+

On steel, a pizza will bake in around 7-8 minutes at 260C. On stone, the pizza baked at same temp takes 12-15 minutes. The Baking Steels radiative properties is constantly giving off heat even as it absorbs it so its going bake the Pizza faster and better. If you love baking your own Pizzas, this is one accessory that will make a significant difference.

I now have strong PVC storage bags available for both size Baking Steels. These bags are made from very strong recycled PVC advertising banners and are commercially stitched. Please note the outside pattern of the bags are random and will change due to the material they are made from. $16.95ea and you can choose to include one with your Baking Steel from the option menu above. 

The Holy Grail of Pizza Bases ...

Recent NZ customer feedback ... 

* Life changer for a crispy pizza at home! First use was amazing! Fast delivery - even with Otago Anniversary day. Can't wait to try out this great product for sourdough loaves this weekend!! Thanks so much! 

* What can i say about this pizza steel, it made some of the best crusts i have seen in ages! would highly recommend! make a great tasting pizza with your oven at home with this great pizza steel, ive used stones before and never got the kind of crispy brown crust that i got with this, well worth it. 

* Had to bake some NY style pizza before giving my feedback but Nev’s baking steel worked brilliantly! I’ve made many pizzas and have gone through 3 pizza stones (all cracked even with careful use) and this baking steel gave me amazing crust on the first use. My oven isn’t very good either and heats unevenly but the steel still worked great! A+ product Neville! Highly recommended.

Please note this is a NZ Distributor product (not Brod & Taylor) and only available in New Zealand.