• Bakers Couche Proofing Cloth

Bakers Couche Proofing Cloth

Bakers Couche Proofing Cloth


Lightly dust the couche cloth with wheat flour or rice flour, then lay down your baguettes, long batards, bread sticks on the cloth - folding the cloth upwards between each loaf to create a ridge that separates the loaves and also support the shape of the loaf as it final proves. The loaf will not stick to the couche cloth and lifts off very easily without tearing. 

The couche cloth is also great to cover loaves, etc, while they are final proving. 

These couche cloths are fully hemmed to stop fraying, and come in 3 sizes ...

45cm x 77cm $16.95

90cm x 66cm $22.95

120cm x 70cm $26.95

Made from 100% natural cotton. 

Storage Tip: Always allow the cloth to dry thoroughly after use. Take the cloth outside and shake residue flour off, then hang up on washing line to let the sun/uv dry and naturally sterilise it. If you store away immediately after use and the cloth is still damp/has damp flour residue, mould could start forming on the surfaces.